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Our Mission – deliciously handcrafted to suit your taste buds

Passion for cakes from an early age made the founder of i-sing to learn the art and craft of baking cakes to perfection. Established in the outskirts of Colombo i-sing prepares beautiful cakes.

Experimenting with different ingredients, i-sing realized that, combining only the finest, raw ingredients will give the unique taste which is i-sing’s promise of a cake that is ‘deliciously handcrafted to suit your taste buds’ which has become the mission of i-sing today. We at i-sing use only the finest raw ingredients and do not use any store bought mixtures. Our customers can relax that the cake they are ordering is produced with great care and attention that will be utterly delicious and truly amazing.

Our cakes look very attractive and colorful. We give a cake which is painstakingly made with a lot of effort and time in perfecting the details. Our cakes are priced keeping in mind that everyone should be able to afford a delicious, freshly baked cake to remind a special day they are celebrating or simply enjoying some free time in their hands.

We at i-sing promise that our prices are the most competitive in the market today. We look forward to be the ‘i-sing’ for your next special day, be it birthday, anniversary or weddings, you name it.